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Does Mosquito Magnet Really Work?

YES! Why have Mosquito Magnet products been so successful? The answer is simple. They work! They do their job and they do it well.

Mosquito Magnet does work. Various studies have been performed, which demonstrate that Mosquito Magnet products do indeed work and are effective at their job.

Summer 1999:
The U.S. Coast Guard about to abandon a station in the Bahamas. The mosquitoes in the area are just too severe for anyone to bear. The growing intensity of the mosquitoes makes work on the station practically impossible and no solution is available to get rid of them. No solution, that is, except for a Mosquito Magnet. After installing six Mosquito Magnets, the U.S. Coast Guard witnessed something never before seen; a total domination of the battle against the mosquitoes. Within six days, the Mosquito Magnets had managed to capture over 1.5 million mosquitoes. Not bad for less than a week's work.

Summer 2000:
The U.S. Army Medical Command and Centers for Disease Control perform a field study in South Korea of seven different mosquito traps to determine the most effective trap. The officials in South Korea, a malaria zone, need to know what the mosquitoes are carrying so they can take the appropriate and proper measures. But in order for them to know what decision to make, they need to capture as many mosquitoes as possible and then analyze them for strains of any dangerous diseases. During their testing, they found that the Mosquito Magnet captured three times as many mosquitoes as the next most competitive trap and captured over 13 times as many mosquitoes as other similarly equipped traps using CO2 and Octenol attractants.

Summer 2001:
Florida A&M University matches the Mosquito Magnet Pro head-to-head against the Mosquito PowerTrap by Flowtron. The project took place over twelve days and the traps were randomly assigned locations across the 10-acre Public Health Entomology Research & Education Center, located on the campus of Florida A&M. These testing grounds were located near salt marsh in Panama City, Florida. The Mosquito Magnet Pro outperformed the PowerTrap by capturing about 1000% more mosquitoes. The study's result is a victory for Mosquito Magnet and proof of its powerfully winning nature.

July 2002:
You still aren't convinced? The Cayman Islands Mosquito Research and Control Unit conducted a comparison of the Mosquito Magnet Liberty, Mosquito Deleto, and the Sonic Web. Two tests were performed in separate areas. In the first nine-day test, the traps were placed in rotating positions within a triangular formation to ensure fairness among the testing. The area was located near a mangrove swamp: a giant breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Mosquito Magnet Liberty stole the show with over 190 times the efficiency of the other competitors, capturing 7161 mosquitoes, the Mosquito Deleto with 37, and only five from the Sonic Web. In the second test, the traps were moved to a lower intensity mosquito area. The Sonic Web was removed from the study due to its poor performance in a mosquito-saturated environment. At the end of the second study, 17 days long, the Mosquito Magnet Liberty triumphed once again, snagging 286 mosquitoes, while the Mosquito Deleto managed a measly five mosquitoes.

The simple fact of these studies and events is that if you are serious about freeing your family and friends from the pain and annoyance that mosquitoes cause, there is no better choice to control and kill mosquitoes than a Mosquito Magnet product. The only way to truly experience the power and satisfaction that a Mosquito Magnet can bring is to buy one for yourself!

You can read more information about the tests performed, including official reports from the test conductors.

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