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How Do Mosquito Magnet Traps Work?

Mosquito Magnet traps work. They effectively capture and kill mosquitoes with little effort from owner. The killing and controlling process is automatic, silent, and constant. How is it done? How do these devices work?

Developed by the American Biophysics Corporation, the Mosquito Magnet products are based on years of careful research on the habits of mosquitoes: how they live, how they fly, why they keep pestering humans, and most importantly how to get rid of them. By hiring many educated entomologists and engineers with Ph.D.'s, American Biophysics wanted to learn as much as they could about mosquitoes and spent over twelve years researching them. In 1991, they spent time with the U.S. army investigating the spread and potential dangers of diseases carried by mosquitoes, such as malaria and the West-Nile virus. In 1999, American Biophysics had a breakthrough. They found a way to catalytically (burn without a flame) convert propane to carbon dioxide, safely and efficiently.

The result? A carbon dioxide, propane-powered, consumer mosquito trap - the first of its kind. A mosquito trap that is able to lure mosquitoes, trap them, and make them meet their doom. And best of all, it does its job constantly, silently, odorlessly, and oh so lethally.

The Mosquito Magnet works by using propane fuel and a two-fan system. The propane fuel produces a plume of CO2. By allowing the plume to be spread by a fan in the Mosquito Magnet and prevailing winds, the CO2 is able to entice the female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) to follow the plume. The plume contains CO2, a special insect attractant, heat, and moisture. To the mosquitoes, this plume mimics exactly what they associate with humans as we breathe and sweat. As a result, the mosquitoes looking for food will fly upwind and follow the plume to its source: the trap. Mosquitoes fly upwind when they are looking for food because they have a smaller mass at this time. Once they are full of blood, they allow the wind to carry them back to a resting place. By the time they reach the mosquito trap, it is far too late for them to escape. With their poor vision, the mosquitoes can't tell the trap apart from a human until they are right upon it. When the mosquitoes realize that they are not heading towards a human, they become nervous and alarmed and fly upwards. The second fan functions as a vacuum to suck the distressed mosquitoes into a storage net. Once the mosquitoes land in the net, their life is virtually over. They will soon dehydrate and die. This trapping process has been patented by American Biophysics as CounterFlow Technology.

You don't ever have to worry about the Mosquito Magnet capturing other harmless flying and beneficial insects like butterflies, dragonflies, and bees. The Mosquito Magnet captures only blood sucking insects.

What you should really like about the Mosquito Magnet is that its whole product development is based on facts and years of research by smart people. American Biophysics topped the prestigious and ultra-competitive 2003 Inc. 500 list, coming in at number one, with a growth rate during 1998-2002 of a staggering 25,615%! And that number one ranking is certainly well deserved. Their products aren't any type of gimmick, nor do they say they will work any voodoo magic. You might think the results they produce are magical, as many do, but the fact is, these mosquito control devices work because of the hard work American Biophysics has put into researching mosquitoes and other biting insects which enables them to develop products based on evidence and facts; facts and products you can rely on.

You can read more about successes of American Biophysics along with an exciting history of the corporation at: American Biophysics earns the number one spot on the 2003 Inc. 500 list.

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