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Mosquito Magnet Pro

Mosquito Magnet Pro
  • Manufacturer: American Biophysics Corp.
  • Coverage: 1.25 Acres
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Model Number: 1100MM
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Mosquito Magnet Pro 2004 is one of the best mosquito trap products on the market today. The new 2004 version is coming out in time for this year's mosquito biting season. Mosquito Magnet Pro is a mosquito trap that uses patented CounterFlow technology developed by American Biophysics Corporation that effectively captures and kills mosquitoes. The Mosquito Magnet Pro has a large coverage area off 1.25 acres and is suitable for any large outdoor areas such as:

  • Large properties or yards
  • Golf courses
  • Resorts
  • Theme Parks
  • Country Clubs

Mosquito Magnet Pro benefits

  • Cordless design allows for pinpoint placement anywhere you want!
  • Solar and battery powered: no need to plug it in! Solar power recharges battery to allow for constant 24-hour use!
  • LCD panel for easy visual controlling and configuring
  • Audible "Gas Empty" alert, so you don't have to worry about constantly monitoring your propane levels
  • Large net allows for maximum mosquito catching
  • Durable metal construction provides long lasting protection in outdoor weather

Mosquito Magnet Pro uses a 20-pound propane tank for its operation. The propane is converted into CO2 which, in turn, is released by the Mosquito Magnet Pro. Doing so, it mimics the same qualities of a human: producing CO2, heat, and moisture. The mosquitoes are tricked into thinking what the Mosquito Magnet Pro emits is actually a human, and by the time they realize it is not a human, it is too late! They are vacuumed into a large net, become dehydrated, and eventually die. Be sure to read: How Do Mosquito Magnet Traps Work? for more information!

The Mosquito Magnet Pro is supported with a two-year warranty. Such support is indicative of the high level of confidence the manufacturers place in their products and evidence of their willingness stand behind their products. If you run into any problems down the road, you can be assured help will be available for you!

The new Mosquito Magnet Pro 2004 is the ultimate reward for your hard work.

Don't forget to order a 20-pound propane tank for your new Mosquito Magnet Pro.

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