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OFF! Skintastic

Mosquito Control
  • Manufacturer: SC Johnson
  • Duration: Lasts for two hours

If you are planning on being outdoors for any extended amount of time, a bug spray applied to your skin and clothing is a great idea if you want to stay mosquito free.

OFF! Skintastic comes in two versions: one with sunscreen and one without it. Both will keep you mosquito-free for about two hours. Skintastic with sunscreen contains SPF 30 so you can be protected from sunburns. If you are planning to be outside on a sunny day, you should definately use OFF! Bug spray with sunscreen.

Unlike many mosquito repellents, Skintastic doesn't have that awful smell. Skintastic also contains Aloe Vera to give your skin a nice smell and moisturize it at the same time.

If you are going to be outside in the yard, or playing basketball at night, be sure to put on some OFF! Skintastic bug spray, so you don't get bitten by those nasty mosquitoes!

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