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Mosquito Magnet LureVac

Mosquito Magnet Lurevac
  • Manufacturer: American Biophysics Corp.
  • Coverage: 1000 square feet (93 square meters)
  • Model Number: 7000MM

The Mosquito Magnet LureVac is the latest electronic pest control offering from the makers of the of the other popular Mosquito Magnet products. The LureVac is a small mosquito trap and is best suited to indoor or partially enclosed environments. The LureVac is circular in shape and includes a wall mounting bracket that holds the LureVac. After the LureVac is mounted, a long, convenient 8-foot electrical cord is provided to plug the LureVac into the outlet of your choice. The Mosquito Magnet LureVac's small size makes this trap mobile and allows it to be easily removed and placed away in storage during off-season months.

Ideal placements

  • House
  • Garage
  • Pool house
  • Busy doorway or entryway
  • Enclosed porch

The Mosquito Magnet LureVac uses the same patented CounterFlow technology that has already been proven highly successful and effective in the Mosquito Magnet propane-powered mosquito traps.

Tip: Open the top lid of your LureVac before turning it off to allow the auto-net closing feature to be engaged, so that no captured mosquitoes will be able to escape.

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