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End of Mosquito Season

After you have succeeded in bringing those pesky biting insects to their doom for this season, it is time to put your Mosquito Magnet away for storage so you can resume the fight again next year! But don't worry, your automated mosquito trap will still be an ace at mosquito control next year!

How do you know when the end of the season is?

The end of the mosquito biting season usually occurs after the second frost. After the first frost, some mosquitoes may still be alive, but usually after the second, they are no longer around. Of course, with your Mosquito Magnet doing such a good job, it might be hard to tell when their season is over. Some people may want to turn their Mosquito Magnet traps off after the summer is over, just because their friends and family will not be participating in many more outdoor activities. Whatever time is right for you, sometime between August and November would be a good time to turn off your Mosquito Magnet.

Mosquito Magnet Off-Season Storage Procedures

Some storage procedures for the off-season should be followed to make sure your Mosquito Magnet is ready to go when the mosquitoes start biting next year!

  1. Turn off your Mosquito Magnet
  2. Turn off and disconnect your propane tank
  3. Safely discard your MagNet and any open attractant cartridges
  4. Use the Quick-Clear valve if your trap is equipped with one
  5. Cover your Mosquito Magnet trap with the appropriate Trap Cover to prevent any damage in storage
  6. Store in a safe a place such as a garage or cellar
  7. Take a rest! You have done a lot of work fighting off mosquitoes this year! You can be sure they will be ready to bite again next season, but you will be prepared for them!

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