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Mosquito Magnet Maintenance

In order to keep your Mosquito Magnet running at peak performance levels throughout the season it is important to keep in mind some important measures.

Your Mosquito Magnet runs on a 21-day cycle. But this does not mean you stop running your Mosquito Magnet after 21 days. Instead, you still need to keep it running, but you need to take care of some important things, before you start it on its next 21-day cycle.

At the end of 21 days, you should:

  1. Refill your propane tank
  2. Use the Quick-Clear Valve if needed - see below
  3. Replace your Octenol attractant cartridge or if your predominant mosquito is the Asian Tiger please use the Lurex attractant cartridge
  4. Check your net to see if it needs to be replaced
  5. Use the OPD Reset Tool to release any back pressure from your propane tank if needed
  6. Turn on your Mosquito Magnet again!

Quick-Clear Valve

On Mosquito Magnet models made in 2003 and up, American Biophysics Corporation has implemented a new feature on all models - The Quick-Clear Valve. It is suggested that you use the Quick-Clear valve to remove any type of particle and contaminate buildup in the propane-based fuel system of your Mosquito Magnet. These particles can impede propane flow and causes problems with your Mosquito Magnet trap if you let them go unnoticed. You should use the Quick-Clear valve when your mosquito trap is going to be put away in storage for any prolonged length of time, such as at the end of the mosquito season. It is important that you use the Quick-Clear valve after your first tank change and every two propane tank refills afterwards. The Quick-Clear valve is located on the back of your Mosquito Magnet trap.

In order to use the Quick-Clear valve, you must use the proper CO2 Mosquito Magnet Cartridge, which will connect to the Quick-Clear valve and provide the force to clean out any contaminant buildup.

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